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How Corporate Trainers Are Successfully Making Money Teaching Online in 2021

Why Companies are Great Customers

For anyone looking to earn a living online, a lot of attention goes into finding the right niche to operate in. Again and again, you will be instructed to find a niche that isn’t too competitive, and where expertise can be turned into earnings through selling products online.

A huge part of this has to do with the kind of customer that you are targeting. Sure, there are niches where people are willing to open their wallets more than usual, like dieting, finance, and software. But it should come as no surprise that corporate clients often have the biggest upside.

Corporate clients are much less price-sensitive than individuals, so they are willing to pay a premium for services. In the online learning world, a corporate client means multiple spots in your course are purchased togetherand usually paid for upfront.

In addition, if you do a great job of delivering training to their employees, you can count on the “network effect” of their extended business community, which pays off big time in the long run.

Here’s how corporate trainers are successfully making money online teaching in 2021. It’s one of the most profitable ways to earn online and chances are you have a skill that can be monetized with online education.

The Online Corporate Training Marketplace

First of all, follow the golden rule of marketing your abilities to the online marketplace: there is somebody somewhere who can benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

In the case of online corporate training, don’t restrict yourself by thinking that companies are only looking for people to help them improve their employee’s marketing, sales, or leadership skills.

Today, companies are looking to invest in employee health, wellness, and productivity. They are increasingly looking for trainers in the personal development, health and wellness niches, along with soft skills like creativity and innovation.

How to Sell Your Online Course to Companies

When you are selling your training course to companies, you will need to think about it in a different way than you would for a traditional online course. You will now be selling access in the form of “seats”, instead of pre-packaged collections of information.

This means that it is a good idea to establish discounted prices for pre-determined numbers of seats. As an example, if you are offering a course for $100 per seat, with discounts for 10-seat and 20-seat packages for your wellness training program, it is more likely that a company will purchase a larger package, and bring in more employees from other divisions to take advantage of the discount.

The most successful corporate trainers take advantage of these pricing strategies because they realize that the real value doesn’t come from charging the highest price for their service upfront, but rather from repeat customers and referrals.

The most difficult part of earning money from online corporate training can often be the time spent finding the right clients. If you have someone interested in your training who is looking for a reduction in price, then don’t be afraid of offering a discount.

It is much more useful to have their feedback (if your course needs work), or to have someone saying good things about you to their network than to lose them because you wanted to get paid full price in the short term.

Consider Pre-Selling Your Course

If this isn’t your first time building and selling an online course, you may want to consider selling it before it is even created.

The reason for this is that you can engage with your clients during the sales process to find out exactly what they want their employees to get out of the course. This allows you to tailor the course to their needs, and give them confidence that you are invested in their education – not just peddling a one-size-fits-all option.

Of course, you can also build a “base” course design that can be tweaked to serve different clients better, as this can save you a lot of time and effort.

How to Deliver Online Corporate Training

How Corporate Trainers Are Successfully Making Money Teaching Online in 2021 - DaDesktop

Once you have figured out what you want your corporate training course to look like, you will need to determine how to deliver to your customer. This is a question of what technology and software you will use for your training.

Hardware for Remote Training

If you are charging a premium for corporate training, the last thing that you want is to appear as a blurry figure on your client’s computer screen. First impressions matter, and you want to show professionalism, and make it easy for your clients to see and hear you.

Decent video and sound recording equipment and a high speed internet connection can go a long way in improving the quality of your training. Here’s a useful list of some of the best equipment to get started without breaking the bank.

Online Teaching Platform

Your online teaching platform is how you will be communicating directly with your customer. This includes elements like video conferencing, virtual breakout rooms, quizzes, and ways for people to access your content.

This is where a tool like DaDesktop comes in. DaDesktop is a remote teaching platform that puts an emphasis on ease of access for remote training. The platform was designed to make it as easy as possible to train guests from around the world, with no limitations placed on the number of instructors or students.

How Corporate Trainers Are Successfully Making Money Teaching Online in 2021 - DaDesktop

The platform only requires a web browser to connect and start using, so there is no need to worry about guests who might be using different web browsers and operating systems. Once your guests are connected to your lesson via DaDesktop, you have the ability to screen share, assemble guests into breakout rooms, and record your lessons so you can review them later.

DaDesktop is all about simplicity, making setup simple and pain-free so that you can focus on what you do best – helping companies develop their employees.