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The 5 Best Online Teaching Platforms

It’s official: the learning landscape has been forever affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Even if we will see the days of packed classrooms and conference halls further down the line, the simple fact is that not everyone will want to learn in this traditional way.

Even before 2020, the world was seeing massive growth in the field of online learning. People want the ability to learn from the comfort of their own homes, and online learning allows them this flexibility.

Whether you are a teacher, corporate trainer, or anything else in the wide world of online teaching, you probably want to know what the best online tools are that you can use to engage your students and pull off virtual lessons without a hitch.

Here are DaDesktop’s top 5 tools for successful online teaching, which we have chosen for their innovation and usability. Many of these tools can be used to complement DaDesktop’s features to provide the best possible remote teaching experience.

A Web Whiteboard App

For certain subjects like mathematics and the sciences, nothing beats the whiteboard experience for working through problems for your students. It’s no surprise that Sal Khan released over 6,500 whiteboard videos for his incredibly popular Khan Academy online lecture service.

A Web Whiteboard (AWW App) is a popular online whiteboard tool that includes elements like sticky notes, various writing utensil types, and the ability to pre-record lessons. Teachers like how easy it is to use, and the fact that it can be integrated directly with the ever-popular Zoom app.

Even though DaDesktop does not have a whiteboard feature, a lesson with AWW App can be pre-recorded or shared live with your students – allowing you to take advantage of its powerful teaching capabilities. 


5 Best Online Teaching Platforms -

Quizzing can be an incredibly important aspect of your online learning program. For many learners, it is essential for helping them internalize key lesson points. However, a poorly done quiz can leave students unengaged.

Kahoot tackles this problem with gamification techniques to get students more involved in the learning process. It is an interactive quiz platform that spices up quizzing with features like team and self-paced challenges. The platform also creates in-depth reporting for educators to better understand where students are missing key concepts.


5 Best Online Teaching Platforms -

Once the majority of working and learning went online in 2020, it quickly became clear that Zoom would be taking a huge piece of the online video-conferencing market. However, just because it has become so popular worldwide doesn’t mean there aren’t any better options for online learning.

BigBlueButton is designed specifically for online learning, and offers a lot of the features that are found in Zoom’s “pro” option. This includes a whiteboard function, breakout rooms, and quick polls for your participants.

This tool is great for online teachers who already have a virtual desktop learning software, but are looking for better video conferencing without having to pay for Zoom Pro. However, if you are in need of a full system, there are a lot of good reasons why you might want a virtual desktop that already has the same features.


5 Best Online Teaching Platforms -

Notion is a workspace that hosts syllabi, assignments, and grades that is accessed by both educators and students. It includes templates that make the process of creating learning materials much easier, and it is particularly useful for collaborating on tasks like class wikis.

Notion is completely free for users with a valid institutional email address, but this version has serious limitations for anyone who is looking to start a larger online course with over a dozen users at a time.

This is a great platform for anyone getting their feet wet in the online learning space. Later on, it is often best to bring assignments and grading into a larger virtual desktop platform.


5 Best Online Teaching Platforms -

This tool was built to bridge the gap between language teachers and their students, specifically when it comes to speaking practice. This is a much-needed addition to the language learning world, since speech can be one of the toughest aspects of language to get right – and doing it virtually is so much different from in-person instruction.

Extempore allows students to record homework answers directly from their smartphone or laptop and gives instructors a wide range of functions for evaluating their student’s progression. It is an excellent way to ensure that all of your students speak up in class, which can be especially hard to do when all lessons are conducted with a video conferencing like Zoom.

Extempore can be integrated into many major learning management systems, but is also easy enough to use that it can be used to complement your teaching if you are already using a platform like DaDesktop.

Limitations of Online Teaching Tools

These tools are popular because they are effective for a single aspect of the online teaching space. However, this means that online educators in specific niches with complex needs might find themselves using several of these tools at once.

Often, these tools do not interact well with each other. It can be confusing for your students to keep track of several different platforms, and it can be expensive as you grow your online course.

If you are building your online teaching business, surely you will want to invest your hard-earned money on improving your teaching experience, not just paying monthly membership fees, right?

Whether you are in the field of corporate training, university education, or building an online course, you deserve better.

The DaDesktop Advantage

easy remote teaching set up - DaDesktop

DaDesktop tackles this problem with a virtual desktop platform that streamlines work, communication, and presentation for your students. It is feature rich and the most cost effective remote teaching tool on the market today.

In addition, we prepare for the unexpected: giving you the tools to deal with connectivity and technical issues that arise. No matter where your students are tuning in from, we can ensure that you get your message across.

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