* Linux system disk space resizing is done automatically (Ubuntu templates only). Use "df -h" command to check disk space. In any exception, you can still follow the instruction

  1. Stop Fresh-Start machine
  2. Clone & Resize to Standalone (create organization if you haven't already)
  3. At this step, increase disk size, submit
  4. Visit "Standalone desktops" page to find it and see it is there
  5. Remove Fresh-start machine back in the course
  6. Click "Create Fresh-Start from my Standalone" button
  7. In this clone "Standalone" to Fresh-start step, you can also increase disk size
  8. Select the Standalone you just created and submit
  9. Follow instruction in Resize Disk of Desktop  to extend/grow the partition according to the OS system.

    Slides:Follow the instruction to change your desktop partition

    - Open terminal/cmd 
    - Type the command below

    1.  Ubuntu & Debian

    2.  Centos
    CENTOS Resizing Partition wih LVM

    3. Windows 10 pro