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some additional stuff.
And as you can see now it's opening all the machines
for me as a trainer.
So I'm gonna have like a lot of them.
It's just opening connections.
So the machines are still working
and nothing happens to the machines themselves.
This view is actually reacting to the amount of machines.
So I can see all of the machines in one view.
So I'm like a big brother now, I'm spying on you.
Which is great because, you know,
I can help you with the exercises.
I would be able to show some of your nice solutions
to the other guys.
We can do some nice discussions.
It would be very interactive course, right?
My way is like 60, 70% of doing hands in practice
and then the rest of it is like theory talking.
Well, in Node.js case, it's like a bit more of talking
at the beginning because we have to explain other things.
But we will do a lot of exercises, that's my way.
Now, this way, this special method of using
NobleProc remote environment for trainings
is for those of you who have one big screen only,
like one TV maybe, connected to your computer.
Or maybe you have one big monitor connected to your laptop
and laptop is really small.
I don't know what's your setup, right?
So this one is good for those of you who have big TV.
So you can switch between trainer machine and your machine
in an easy way in this one view.
This view is written in React.js.
So we use on top of Angular together embedded React
small application, which is JavaScript of course,
which is more efficient from this perspective
because as you can see, we have a lot of machines now,
11 people, participating in the training.
Actually, I see 13.
So did I omit anyone on the list?
Or is anyone connected twice maybe via mobile phone?
Who is new to the group?
Sorry guys.
Is there anyone who I did not talk in this initial stuff
before or anyone connected twice with the phone?
Sometimes people do that because of the internet issues.
Let me check the, oh this is interesting.                

on 2024-03-18

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