What is DaDesktop?

  • The best platform to train people remotely.
  • An easy to use virtual classroom for training purposes.
  • A lab environment for IT training that is simple to set up and easy to use.
  • A launchpad for spinning up cloud desktops quickly and easily. 

DaDesktop is used for live, instructor-led training even if the instructor is in a physically remote location. It allows instructors to interact in real-time with participants and their machines. Over the years, DaDesktop has enabled highly collaborative virtual classroom experiences for both instructors and students.

Trainers and students who have used DaDesktop report that they feel as if they are in a real classroom. The trainer takes control of their students’  cloud desktops as needed and walks the student(s) through each hands-on lesson in real-time.

What DaDesktop is not?

  • Videoconferencing software (e.g. Zoom)
  • Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle)
  • Remote access software (e.g. Teamviewer)
  • General Cloud Provider (e.g. AWS)

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