Simple Facts

  • DaDesktop is an easy way to create virtual classrooms for training purposes.
  • DaDesktop is 100% owned by NobleProg Ltd, based in London, UK
  • DaDesktop is sold via the NobleProg Franchise system, with 14 offices around the world (more coming).


  • 2005 - NobleProg uses various technologies to create remote cloud desktops for its training and consulting operations
  • 2016 - NobleProg develops a Training Portal which enables the easy creation and management of remote desktops
  • 2019 - NobleProg Technologies is established and the Training Portal is released to the general public under the name "DaDesktop"

Investors and Partnership

DaDesktop is looking for:

  1. Investors
  2. Partnerships
    1. Hardware Vendors
    2. DaDesktop Cloud re-sellers
    3. DaDesktop OEM re-sellers
    4. Technology Partners