DaDesktop is a software which does not have a proper category yet. Sometimes it is easier to explain what DaDesktop is by saying what it is not and how it differs.

Online Conference

Is DaDesktop Online Conference software like Zoom or Teams?

Usually you would have to use Zoom, Teams, Skype or Wechat in order to use DaDesktop.

DaDesktop may in the future have built in conferencing software, but it is not a priority.

What is similar between let us say Zoom and DaDesktop?

Both have rudimentary chat functionality.

Public Cloud 

Is DaDesktop like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or Aliyun?

Public Cloud or Computing cloud is designed to host applications. DaDesktop is built for humans to use remote desktops.

What is similar between AWS and DaDesktop?

From a user perspective there are not many similarities between them. Both allow a user to use a remote machine and run software on it. AWS EC2 is created for system administrators, DaDesktop is created for training participants, trainers, course coordinators and management.

Some companies still use AWS or other clouds for remote course delivery. Albeit typical public cloud would be more expensive, slower and less convenient than DaDesktop. DaDesktop is designed for course delivery, not general computing.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Is DaDesktop like Moodle, Rise UP, Open edX or other LMS?

LMS focuses on either facilitating education like university courses, or are created for online learning. DaDesktop is currently created for instructor-led corporate training. Target group would be corporate employees, government employees, etc.. It is not specifically designed for school or university students. 

DaDesktop focuses on an instructor-led method of delivering courses, where the instructor is present during course delivery.

What is similar between LMS and DaDesktop?

DaDesktop has a bunch of features which overlap with LMS and surpass them.

With DaDesktop, a course administrator can enrol students, track their attendance, look at student engagement, check whether students connect or even record their screens during the course.

It allows you to do it in a mostly automatic way. For example, a trainer doesn’t need to check attendance, the data is in the system. DaDesktop can record user location, how long they were connected, which exercise they did, which they didn’t, etc…

Participants who missed the course can watch recordings and practice in an identical environment as students during the course.