Using DaDesktop for easy course training

Before setting up course detail and desktop environment, you should:

  • Contact us by providing your email, an invitation link for registration will be sent to you
  • Checking your internet connection, a stable internet connectivity is necessary
    1. Internet speed should be faster than: "10 Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload"
    2. Double screen and camera is preferable

  • Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox browser

"Six steps" for course preparation

  1. Login DD4T 
  2. Create new course ,  Add Trainer
  3. Send "Invitation Link" to invite delegates into the course
  4. Preparing desktop environment (Choose your scenario). 

    Scenario 1: Local training 

    Scenario 2: Cross-border training

  5. Check course delegates
  6. Enter training room