Using DaDesktop for easy course training

Before creating a new course

  • The trainer should contact NobleProg to provide the following information:
  1. Course detail (Course title, Course schedule, Numbers of participants)
  2. Location for trainer and delegates (so we can advise proper data centre) 
  3. Trainer's email address
  • Recommended browsers for training
  1. Chrome 
  2. Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Opera
  • Network
  1. The DaDesktop user should have good internet connection
  2. Usage of Wifi in coffee shop is not recommended because it is often unstable
  3. Before training please check again, DaDesktop is a web-based training portal
  4. Internet speed should be faster than: "10 Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload"
  5. Twin screen and camera is preferable

First step: How to have your own course -  ▶Animation 1                                                                                   

  1. Course coordinators will help to create a course
  2. Add trainer to the course by sending invitation link of registration
  3. The Trainer can login by their own account via 
  4. Next, send course invitations to participants (pink one) 

Second step: Prepare your "DaDesktop" in the course -  ▶Animation 2                                                        

  1. Click "Create from OS template" for Trainer desktop
  2. Choose the OS template, selecting the nearest data centre, and configuration you require for course training
  3. Connect into the desktop, and do your preparation inside the DaDesktop VM
  • Use a Cloud storage application such as DropBox or Google Drive to transfer files from your local laptop; don't forgot to logout when finished 
  • Install VirtualBox inside DaDesktop to work on Cluster applications, then you can set-up several desktops inside DaDesktop
  • We recommend to transfer documents to PDF if you want to use Windows 10 Pro, as we don't include MS Office inside DaDesktop
  • Download and do preparations as on your own desktop  
  • Please only use automatically supplied DHCP IP addresses for Fresh-Start machines. DO NOT use Static IP addresses or change MAC addresses or DNS settings for your FreshStart machines, as this will cause problems when cloned to Course Desktop VM's. Also please do not change the Computer name as this can also cause issues within DaDesktop.
    Please get in touch with Tech Support if you need to change these.

Third step: Clone desktop to all participants - ▶Animation 3                                                                            

  1. Finish preparation of "Trainer desktop", exit and click to stop trainer desktop
  2. Click "Create from trainer desktop" in Fresh-Start category to clone a desktop which is the same as trainer's desktop
  3. If delegates are in other regions, please click options on  "Create from trainer desktop" to clone to delegate's region

Final step: Join training room - ▶Animation 4

  1. Trainer and delegates need to click training room and join together
  2. When join training room, system will auto clone desktop from Fresh-Start to all participants
  3. Inside training room, there are audio, video, auto-recordings
  4. Each delegates can see 2 desktops (Trainer's desktop and their own desktop), no need for screen sharing