Using DaDesktop for easy course training

Before create a new course

  • Trainer should contact us for providing informations:
  1. Course detail (Course title, Course schedual, Numbers of participants)
  2. Location for trainer and delegates (so we can advice proper data center) 
  3. Trainer's email adress
  • Recommand browser for training
  1. Chrome 
  2. Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Opera
  • Network
  1. DaDesktop user should have good internet connection
  2. Not recommand wifi in coffee shop, because it is unstable
  3. Before training please check again, DaDesktop is a web-based training portal
  4. Internet speed should be faster than: "10 Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload"
  5. Double screen and camera is preferable

First step: how to have your own course -  ▶Animation 1                                                                                   

  1. Course coordinators will help to create a course
  2. Add trainer to the course by sending invitation link of registration
  3. Trainer can login by own account via 
  4. Also send course invitation to participants (pink one) 

Second step: Prepare your "DaDesktop" in the course -  ▶Animation 2                                                        

  1. Click "Create from OS template" for Trainer desktop
  2. Choose the OS template, nearest data center, configuration you required for course training
  3. Connect into the desktop, and do preparation inside the DaDesktop VM
  • Install netdisk for transfering files from your local laptop, don't forgot to exit when finished 
  • Install Virtual box inside DaDesktop to do cluster things, and you can got serveral desktops inside DaDesktop
  • Transfering documents to PDF verison if you want to use Windows 10 pro, we don't include MS ofiice inside
  • Download and do preparations as on your own desktop  

Third step: Clone desktop to all participants - ▶Animation 3                                                                            

  1. Finish preapation of "Trainer dektop", exit and click to stop trainer desktop
  2. Click "create from trainer desktop" in Fresh-Start catagory to clone a desktop which is the same as trainer desktop
  3. If delegates are in other regions, please click options on  "create from trainer desktop" to clone to delegates' region

Final step: Join training room - ▶Animation 4

  1. Trainer and delegates need to click training room and join together
  2. When join training room, system will auto clone desktop from Fresh-Start to all participants
  3. Inside training room, there are audio, video, auto-recordings
  4. Each delegates can see 2 desktops (Trainer's desktop and themselves' desktop) , no need for screen sharing