Firstly, what do we mean in DaDesktop by a Standalone Desktop?

There is a great overview of the different Desktops here. But simply, a 'Standalone' desktop is a machine that is not necessarily used during a course itself. It 'stands alone' as a separate desktop that can be used before or after the course is finished, or just used on its own without reference to a course.
The Standalone is particularly flexible in this respect.

Standalone Machine




Typical reasons for creating Standalone desktops:
  1. Preparing Training Course material that can be reused time and again outside of a course itself, or kept for usage when necessary.
  2. When you need a flexible machine with perhaps a different Operating System (Linux, Windows) to test out ideas, in a safe environment.
  1. Sharing Links allow full access to everyone knowing the link!
  2. If not used, will shut down automatically after 24 hours


  1. Normally the charge is 5 EUR per unit per day of desktop running (5 EUR extra for Windows)
  2. If however, you have joined a course as a Student or Trainer, you given free credits to use these machines. Once the credit is used up, you get a heavily discounted rate to continue using DaDesktop.
  3. If started at least once in a month, storage is free
  4. 5 EUR/month for 50GB storage if not used within a month