1. For Power Bi and VBA, is there Excel inside DaDesktop (DD)? (Because MS Excel functions are required)

  1. No, we don't provide MS Office inside DD (Win10 Pro). All we provide is a DD VM and a Training room
  2. The Trainer(s) should prepare a free-trial account of MS Office for all delegates
  3. Otherwise they should use their own account for MS Office

2. If I can get read and write permission using the DD server, can I copy something from my own desktop to DD desktop?

  1. Currently the best solution is to use a cloud storage application such as DropBox, Google Drive etc. We are considering adding a cloud storage system to improve this however
  2. Don't forget to log out from your cloud storage before cloning to all delegates

3. Why is the text in DD blurry, unclear, or even invisible?

  1. If you are using the Chrome Browser, please go to : "chrome://settings/system" to close the Hardware accelerate option

4. Do Trainers have access to the NobleProg wiki?

  1. No, https://hr.nobleprog.com/trainer/register from the Terms and Conditions, states that a trainer cannot access the wiki
  2. If you want to send something to edit on the NobleProg wiki, please copy & paste and send to the trainer via mail, (a PDF is also acceptable)

5. How can I have multiple desktops when using DD, like Ansible Training?

  1. The Trainer(s) can first set up and choose configurations of DD (RAMs, CPUs and Disk)
  2. Then, install Virt Manager or VirtualBox inside DD to set up multiple virtual machines in DD, and setting up network between VMs
  3. After finished setting up, you can clone to delegates in seconds
  4. Please contact DaDesktop Support, for help if required

7. What is the server capacity?

  1. Depends on server hardware
  2. For example: 512GB RAM can be used as 512GB *3
  3. Maximum disk for each server is 250GB, 16 Treads of CPUs each desktop, RAMs configurations can be customized.

8. Can I download the Video from the Training Recordings?

  1. Yes, Recordings can now be downloaded, via the three small dots to the right of the video player.
  2. There is voice recording inside the video, if you use the audio from the training room

9. Which browser should I used for DD?

  1. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera work perfectly
  2. Other browsers like IE are not fully supported

10. Why is there a huge delay using DaDesktop?

  1. Check your network connection, DaDesktop is based on your local connection speed
  2. Check your server location; when the coordinator creates the desktop, they will always choose a server near participants
  3. Turn off your VPN, or make it PAC model. Also please disable any security applications, especially those that affect WebSockets operation which is required for smooth DaDesktop operation.

11. Websocket is blocked or not supported by network

         Accessing Remote Desktop depends on Websocket

  1. This could be your device which is blocking it. Check settings/configurations that blocks Websocket. For example, in some Chromebooks, within proxy settings, if the "Use the same proxy for all protocols is on" is ticked. Websocket won't work (because it will set the "SOCK host" with a proxy.). Untick it, and set "SOCKS host" blank. This should fix it.
  2. This could also be the network, not your device. You will need to contact your network administrator or get them to unblock Websocket. 

12. What support do you have for GPU, ie for 3d applications, etc ?

  1. Please see this GPU page for information regarding GPU support