Business wise roadmap

Following categories of use cases are being developed. Their roadmap is managed separately, though they share common technical and user interface parts.

  1. DaDesktop for training - remote and on-site course delivery platform
  2. DaDesktop for Work - security oriented work desktops
  3. DaDesktop Labs -  self-paced labs
  4. Spool - for creative minds, personal desktop for working together with teams

Each of these points will be expounded below

Technical Roadmap
  1. User Experience
  2. Auto-scalability
  3. Performance
  4. Cost optimization

Below is expansion on each of this points.

Business wise Roadmap

DaDesktop for training roadmap

  1. Real time subtitles with translations - for example trainer speaking English teaches Japanese participants, participants can read Japanese subtitles real time
  2. Real time interpretation with AI - Japanese participants can listen to the real time Japanese interpretation though trainer is using English
  3. Participant assistant -  system assists participants when doing labs, system suggests 'next move' or prompt users that they did exercise incorrectly providing much faster feedback when user 'stuck' with exercises.
  4. Training materials organization - Integration with trainer materials, user notes, presentations, etc...
  5. Auto Upscaling Desktop - shall participant or trainer Desktop run out resources, adding more resources (CPU, RAM, Disk) should be done automatically without stopping the desktop
  6. Smart restrictions - resources which are not utilized on a server shall be available for participant and trainers with no extra charge
  7. Statistics - course coordinator and stake holders can see user participations

DaDesktop for Work (DD4W)

  1. Public Cloud - current DaDesktop for work is available only for private deployments, make dd4w available to general public as public cloud offering
  2. UI for configuration of Single Sign-on and IPA - Active Directly, ldap or other identity providers should be configurable from user interface, not configuration files
  3. Better encryption integration - currently encryption setup is handled only by the operating system, allowing user to integrate it with DaDesktop. GUI would make it smoother (for example user wouldn't need to type password in the machine, as system already knows who the user is)
  4. Autoswitch Remote replica - system will create or detect closest remote replica in order to minimize the lag and improve user experience

DaDesktop Labs

  1. Participant can join a course and follow lab instruction
  2. System give user feedback about progress of the lab
  3. Creator studio - lab creators can easily edit recordings online


  1. Hassle free invitation for people to share your Desktop and Workspace
  2. Improve Audio/Video conferencing and chat

Technical Roadmap

  1. User Experience
    1. Simplifications of user interface
    2. Automation of default values
    3. Localization
    4. Smooth GPU support and assignment (e.g. now it is hard to user to find NVIDIA GPUs)
    5. Allow users to get any O/S templates if the O/S supports cloud image
    6. Keep reducing latency
  2. Auto-scalability
    1. Downscaling - servers not used are not billed and shutdown
    2. Upscaling - server deployment should be completely automated
  3. Performance
    1. Upgrade all servers to at least 100Gbit/s network, introduce 400Gbit/s to most used data centres
    2. Minimize waiting time on each step
  4. Cost optimization
    1. Administration cost reduction
      1. reduce number of incidents
      2. automate autorecovery for cases which cannot be avoided
    2. Streamline upgrade process of the host system and desktop guest system
    3. Reduce human intervention in abuse cases
  5. Billing
    1. multi currency support