This is a short list of some of the available cloud desktop features.

Though this list is informative, if you are about to use DaDesktop it might be better to use the trainer guide which will prepare you for a specific role.

Forthcoming DaDesktop features will be announced in the DaDesktop Community Forum. In the forum you may post your feature requests, bug reports, and site ideas concerning DaDesktop Online Learning Platform.

User Perspective

  1. Course Organization
  2. Operating System (OS) Templates
  3. Training Room - Multi-screen View
  4. Course Recordings
  5. Clipboard in Desktop
  6. Multiple Users Using Desktop Simultaneously
  7. Copy/Move Desktops Between Servers
  8. Desktop Snapshots
  9. Rescue System
  10. Remote Desktop with Audio
  11. Desktop Provisioning
    • Resizing Disk, CPU and Memory
  12. Usability Tests
  13. Technical Support Chat
  14. Course Chat
  15. Easy Transfer of Files
  16. Course Statistics
  17. Training Course Notes
  18. DaDesktop for Work
  19. Use Desktop in Spool

Organization Administrator Perspective

  1. Creating and Managing multiple Organizations
  2. Managing Users
  3. Login and usage history
  4. Data Centers
  5. Servers
  6. Custom OS Template (Windows)
  7. Custom OS Template (Linux)

Super Administrator Perspective

  1. Sending invitation to Join DaDesktop Cloud
  2. Managing All Organisations
  3. Managing All Users
  4. Managing Work Desktops
  5. Managing Data Centres
  6. Managing Servers
  7. Managing All Desktop Instances
  8. Managing Recordings
  9. Reminder Emails
  10. Managing Operating System Templates
  11. Manage Cross Center Tasks
  12. Batch Create Test Cloud Desktop
  13. Manage Anonymous Tests
  14. Resource Forecast and Alerts
  15. Manage Billings
  16. Details Desktop Logs
  17. Manage Help Texts
  18. Maintenance Breaks
  19. Cleaning Up Cloud Desktops

Enterprise Features (custom-made)

  1. Robotic Process Automation
  2. Software Testing Automation
  3. Work Desktops
    • Active Directory Integration
    • LDAP Integration
    • OpenID Connect Integration
    • Encryption

Hosting, Deployment and Administration (Private, On-premise and OEM only)

  1. On-premise installation
  2. Cloud on cloud
  3. Any hardware support
  4. Cluster
  5. Monitoring, Integration with Zabbix
  6. Extensibility
    • DaDesktop Cluster
    • Live Migration
  7. Live Support
  8. Web and User Analytics
  9. Billing
    • Customized billing logic
  10. Support multiple connections
  11. Configuring Tunnels (server behind NAT)

API (beta)

DaDesktop API