DaDesktop fully maintain support (via automated build tests) for following CPUs:

Intel and AMD x86 (AMD64)


  1. AMD zen 2 (EPYC 7002, Ryzen),
  2. AMD zen 3 (EPYC 7003, Ryzen)
  3. AMD zen 4 (EPYC 9004, Ryzen)
  4. AMD zen 5 (ES, QS)

We have customers still running zen 1 (EPYC 7001)


  1. Xeon E3, Xeon E5, Xeon E7 v3 or newer (Haswell)
  2. Xeon Scalable
  3. i5, i7, i9 Haswell or newer

Xeon Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge (Xeon E3, E5, E7),seems to work fine, albeit we do not include them in automated tests)


  1. AWS Graviton 1, Graviton 2, Graviton 3 and Graviton 4
  2. Ampere® Altra® Q80-30 or newer
  3. Kunpeng 920 or newer

Most other models works fine (especially Apple Silicon), please contact technical support if you want to test your hardware.


Should work fine, albeit we have not tested it extensively.