DaDesktop comes with following versions:

  1. DaDesktop Cloud (ddC)
    1. Public Cloud (ddPub)
    2. Private Cloud (ddPri)
    3. Cloud on Cloud (ddCoC)
  2. On-Premise (ddOP)
    1. Single Node (ddOPSN)
    2. Single Datacentre (ddOPDC)
  3. OEM (ddOEM)

DaDesktop Cloud

Client uses the service through application installed on DaDesktop severs.

  1. Public Cloud
    1. Servers are located in DaDesktop datacentre and shared between customers
    2. Shortages of capacity may occur if customer needs substantial amount of resources available at short notice
  2. Private Cloud
    1. Client reserves 'private' server in DaDesktop datacentre dedicated only to the client.
  3. Cloud on Cloud
    1. DaDesktop runs on third party cloud (e.g. Amazon, Google, etc...)

DaDesktop On-Premise

Customer uses DaDesktop installed on physical hardware located on customer premises or datacentre.

Customer can purchase license only, or license with DaDesktop procured hardware.

DaDesktop OEM

DaDesktop OEM allows other providers to resell DaDesktop software with changed branding. The end user does not know they use DaDesktop software. The Provider is responsible for hosting, maintenance and security of the infrastructure.

Features Comparison

Below tables shows only features which differ between versions. Please refer our feature list for more information.

Feature Public Private Cloud on Cloud On-Premise OEM
Operating Systems Limited (currently Windows 10, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian) Unlimited Depends on the cloud support Unlimited Unlimited
Audio/Video Restricted to certain protocols Unrestricted Depends on the cloud provider Unlimited Unlimited
Billing Per use Fixed per month   Contract Contract
Single Sign On
(AD, LDAP, OpenID Connect, etc...)
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
DaDesktop for Work No (coming soon) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disk Encryption No Yes Yes Yes Yes