This guide is aimed at participants (students) who wish to join a course hosted on DaDesktop.

Overview of DaDesktop

DaDesktop is a cloud platform for IT training. It is aimed at IT instructors and learners who wish to interact with each other’s virtual machines for the purpose of teaching and learning. Its three main parts are:

  1. Management Console -- a web UI for starting and stopping things.
  2. Training Room -- a shared space for remote desktop sharing, audio/video chat, lesson recording, etc.
  3. Remote Desktop -- a virtual machine (Windows or Linux); one machine per user.
Joining a Course

Open the link sent to you by the coordinator (e.g., dd4t.dadesktop.com/da/join/xxxxx)

Image 01

If you are a first time user, enter your details under "Create account", and click “Submit”.

If you already have an account, simply log in.

This will take you to the Management Console for your course.

Image 02

Using the Management Console

Click the tab, "TRAINING ROOM".

Click the button, "Join Training Room". A dropdown list will appear.

Click the "Join" button next to the "Fastest" access point.

Image 03

The Training Room will open in a new browser. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to allow video and audio. Click "Allow".

Image 04

Navigating the Training Room

The Training Room is split into two panes:

  • Left pane -- contains a chat window, audio/video conferencing settings, users, etc.
  • Right pane -- contains the remote desktops for trainer and participants.

Image 05

To maximize your desktop, click the enlarge button on the bottom right-hand side of your remote desktop.

Using the Clipboard Function

In order to pass text ie web links, functions, etc from your own computer into the Virtual Machine, we use the 'Clipboard'.

  • To copy text between your machine to the virtual DaDesktop machine, type or paste into the clipboard area at the bottom left of the screen.
  • On the virtual machine, click the middle mouse button (or mouse wheel) to paste the contents of the clipboard to the desktop. This works for anywhere in DaDesktop where text can be entered. This assumes you are using the standard Linux DaDesktop virtual machine.
    Mac users - Use Command c or ⌘ c (copy) Command v or ⌘ v (paste). Once pasted in dd4t clipboard, inside dd4t it becomes Control X, C and Control V to cut, copy and paste.
  • If using the Windows virtual machine, right click to paste from the clipboard.

To resize the size of the clipboard area click the green and white arrow icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Large Clipboard
Large Clipboard
Small clipboard
Small Clipboard


DaDesktop Clipboard guide

Image 06

Using the mouse in a multi-user scenario

This feature has been introduced where the username of the person controlling the mouse follows the mouse cursor when more than one user are connecting to same desktop. This is especially useful for multi-user scenarios, and also training activities where different users may be taking control of the mouse at different times.

Image 07


If more than one user is connected to the desktop their usernames are shown in the centre bottom part of the screen.


Mouse with current user shown


Image 08

This feature can be enabled or disabled as you wish by clicking the ‘Info’ button in green at the bottom of the screen.