Port forwarding allows expose port of a desktop to local network or the internet. It is commonly used with Remote Desktop Protocol. 


For Windows:

1. Find your DD desktop, click "Port forwarding", set your TCP ports (For remote connection), in China is your port number and 3389 (For example 66666:3389), please remember you port number, if forget can click Port forwarding and click.

2. Submit and set up a password inside your Windows DD machine, then click "Enable Remote Desktop"

3. Back to your windows devices, use remote desktop and insert Server name + TCP ports. (Here i use zh4cn, so is zh4cn.npg.io:xxxxx), in more option you can choose things like size of your remote desktop window.

4. Then you can have remote desktop which are using DD template and sound card from your own device, you can also copy paste or output document easily. (left hand side small winodw: DD remote desktop with audio)