DaDesktop was designed as the internal training platform for the NobleProg Group.

It has enabled NobleProg to deliver engaging and effective training courses wherever the delegates are based. This is particularly beneficial as the trend shifts to remote delivery.

Therefore, it has been predominately designed to help training organizations deliver on-site and remote courses. The benefits:

- Cutting the cost of preparation of desktops;

- Removing the risk of the environment not being properly prepared and consequently minimising the risk of delay to the start of the course (and therefore client unhappiness);

- Meeting the needs of learner preference for live, instructor led remote courses;

- A proven technology, deployed to high acclaim in the training market for over two years;

- Counter perceptions of remote training (isolation, loneliness, distant) with technology that supports the creation of a highly interactive, energetic environment;

- Learners will interact with the trainer and other delegates as they colloborate on technical exercises or labs with the trainer having a visual of all participants work and contribution;

- Trainers (and other participants, when part of a Breakout room) can take control of the delegates cloud desktops to model answers and provide guidance and hands-on tuition;

- DaDesktop is a scalable technology.