DaDesktop is used in two, very distinct scenarios:

  1. Training and Development Desktops
  2. Work Desktops

Training Desktops

Training and Development desktops are optimized for speed and convenience. Access is simply granted to every person with the link to the desktop.

Work Desktops

Work Desktops (DaDesktop for Work, or dd4w in short), can serve as employees desktops. The employer fully controls the data and software used by the employees, all data and communication is encrypted.

Securing Data

The employer can also restrict access to the data processed on the desktop so employees cannot transfer the data out. Clipboard and access to certain sites can be restricted, so all the data will be securely processed on the desktop itself.

Recording Actions

All actions of the user can be recorded in a very compact manner allowing millions of hours of desktop usage of each employee to be stored. Analysis of fraudulent behaviour can be run over the recordings.

Secure Network

Access to corporate internal applications can be restricted only to DaDesktops, controlling access to confidential information and removing any threat of intercepting data in employees personal computers.