What is Free-Tier Restriction

We have restrictions for all free-tier users. Free-tier users are users who are signed-up but never paid.

  • Allow only one of user's own machines to be running
  • In the courses that you created in your organization, the course desktops can only run for 15 minutes
  • Machine creation is limited to 1 unit ( 8 cores, 8GB memory, 50GB disk space), no internet

Why have Free-Tier Restriction at all

CPU, memory, GPU, disk space regarding remote desktops are all shared-resource. Unless it's your own private server which you can buy from here, we have to take action to make sure a general service level is acceptable our users.

How to Remove Free-Tier Restriction

  • Pay when the pop-up is shown that asks you to pay a small amount
  • Pay by "Add balance" on your account page
  • Pay by "Upgrade account" on a course page